Senate-like charter bill best option

My views on charter schools have evolved over the past two years, and the tipping point for me was moderating a roundtable discussion on the issue and listening to two parents who are desperate for better opportunities for their children.

My father was a public school principal, and my wife is a public school teacher. I’m also a product of public schools in Tupelo. It’s difficult for me to support the idea of charter schools because I see us taking money away from public schools that are already underfunded in many respects.

But if I’m truly honest, I have to admit what we’re doing is not working in far too many public schools. Furthermore, we can’t blame just the lack of funding when the bigger issues holding back these schools have to do with infighting of local school boards, elected superintendents who are out of their league and internal school politics that put personal reputations above professional obligations.

Sam Hall
Clarion Ledger