In an overwhelming bi-partisan 30 to 17 vote, the Senate voted Thursday to officially sine die the 2011 session.

“We have been waiting patiently for three weeks to resolve this issue of redistricting with the House,” said Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant. “I am not going to waste any more taxpayer money without hope of a compromise with the House Democrat leaders.”

Senators first defeated a plan sent over by the House where the House redistricting plan was inserted into an improper resolution.

“This movement by the House Democrat leadership is simply unconstitutional. Trying to amend a Senate Resolution with a joint resolution is simply improper and should shock the sense of all the citizens of this state. It is unfortunate that the House Democrat leadership is choosing partisan politics over constitutional principle.”

Thursday was also the last remaining day where funds were allotted for a 90 day session.

The redistricting battle could result in a special session called by the Governor.

“I have discussed with the Governor the idea of a special session but only if a fair compromise were to be reached would I request the Governor to make the call.”

The Lt. Governor extended his best wishes to Speaker Billy McCoy by saying, “Even though we may disagree on issues, I have appreciated our long friendship and mutual respect.”

Lt. Governor Phil Bryant press release