Senate bill seeks to cut state agency advertising

Brown says it’s simply a way to save money and become more transparent.

“We’re responsible for the taxpayers’ dollars and it’s our responsibility to make sure they’re spent efficiently and in the right areas and this is just part of that,” Sen. Brown said.

Brown says on many occasions the state has thrown money into advertising public notices where federal dollars should have been used instead.

“Anything that we can save a dollar on in this state, it has to be beneficial,” Sen. Brown said.

Not everyone is on board with the bill, critics say statewide campaigns like public health, are too important not to be done through television and radio.

The bill has been brought up several times in the past but never made it very far.

This time with the newly created Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency Senate Committee, the bill is getting more life.

“If the state is going to be spending money, we need to know how they’re spending it,” Sen. Flowers said. “The public has a right to require their government to get the best deal possible.”