(Jackson, MS) – Flanked by Senators in the Capitol rotunda today, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves announced his committee chairmen.

“I am very proud of the leadership team we have assembled. It’s bi-partisan, inclusive, and represents all areas of the state,” Reeves said. “I am ready to get to work, and I have full confidence that there will be a cooperative spirit among these leaders to serve the citizens of Mississippi well.”

The following is a list of the Lt. Governor’s Committee’s listed in alphabetical order including the Chairman and Vice Chairman:

Accountability Efficiency and Transparency
Nancy Collins Chairman
J.P. Wilemon Vice Chairman

Billy Hudson Chairman
Russell Jolly Vice Chairman

Buck Clarke Chairman
Terry Burton Vice Chairman

Business and Financial Institutions
Gary Jackson Chairman
J.P. Wilemon Vice Chairman

Compilation, Revision and Publication
Derrick Simmons Chairman
Dean Kirby Vice Chairman

Congressional Redistricting
Merle Flowers Chairman
Chris McDaniel Vice Chairman

Michael Watson Chairman
Will Longwitz Vice Chairman

Sampson Jackson Chairman
Lydia Chassanoil Vice Chairman

County Affairs
Nickey Browning Chairman
Billy Hudson Vice Chairman

Drug Policy
David Jordan Chairman
Michael Watson Vice Chairman

Economic Development
John Horn Chairman
Steve Hale Vice Chairman

Gray Tollison Chairman
Nancy Collins Vice Chairman

Chris McDaniel Chairman
David Blount Vice Chairman

Merle Flowers Chairman
Giles Ward Vice Chairman

Enrolled Bills
Alice Harden Chairman
Kelvin Butler Vice Chairman

Environmental Protection Conservation and Water Resources
Tommy Gollott Chairman
Deborah Dawkins Vice Chairman

Bennie Turner Chairman
Gary Jackson Vice Chairman

Executive Contingent Fund
Robert Jackson Chairman
Gray Tollison Vice Chairman

Joey Fillingane Chairman
Merle Flowers Vice Chairman

Melanie Sojourner Chairman
Giles Ward Vice Chairman

Highways and Transportation
Willie Simmons Chairman
Perry Lee Vice Chairman

Hillman Frazier Chairman
Chris Massey Vice Chairman

Videt Carmichael Chairman
Rita Parks Vice Chairman

Interstate and Federal Co-op
Kenny Wayne Jones Chairman
Sampson Jackson Vice Chairman

Investigate State Offices
Albert Butler Chairman
Videt Carmichael Vice Chairman

Judiciary A
Briggs Hopson Chairman
Bennie Turner Vice Chairman

Judiciary B
Hob Bryan Chairman
Chris McDaniel Vice Chairman

Kelvin Butler Chairman
Robert Jackson Vice Chairman

Legislative Reapportionment and Congressional Redistricting
Merle Flowers Chairman

Local and Private
Perry Lee Chairman
Tony Smith Vice Chairman

J.P. Wilemon Chairman
Bill Stone Vice Chairman

Ports and Marine Resources
Brice Wiggins Chairman

Public Health and Welfare
Dean Kirby Chairman
Hob Bryan Vice Chairman

Public Property
David Blount Chairman
Sally Doty Vice Chairman

State Library
Deborah Dawkins Chairman
Albert Butler Vice Chairman

Lydia Chassanoil Chairman
Sean Tindal Vice Chairman

Universities and Colleges
Terry Burton Chairman
John Polk Vice Chairman

Veterans and Military Affairs
Haskins Montgomery Chairman
Philip Moran Vice Chairman

Wildlife Fisheries and Parks
Giles Ward Chairman
Angela Hill Vice Chairman