Senate panel kills Mississippi House redistricting plan

Bryant said it is part of the legislative process to offer alternatives to legislation in the form of amendments and has called review of the House plan the normal oversight process between the two chambers.

“This idea that there must be one plan and everybody must follow it I think is the wrong direction that we need to go,” Bryant said.

The lieutenant governor said in a radio interview Tuesday that he has fielded calls from constituents concerned that a Republican would never have a shot at speaker under the House proposal.

Bryant said he would not support advancing the House plan even if they were to approve his proposed map.

“We stand on principle here and this is not the time for cutting deals,” he said.
The plan sent over by the House after a vote last week is not technically dead – a two-thirds vote of the committee to revive it – but Burton said he doesn’t plan to have another committee meeting and doubts the votes are there to do so.

Clarion Ledger