Senate to hold Hearings Wednesday on cost savings

Flowers chairs Committee on Efficiencies in Government

The Mississippi Senate will conduct hearings on Wednesday examining potential information technology costs savings for the state. The Select Efficiencies in Government Committee is chaired by Senator Merle Flowers (R-Olive Branch).

“We will be turning over every stone looking for every dollar, dime, and cent we can find in state government that needs reallocation,” said Flowers. “There are plenty of opportunities for savings in the information technology field that various state agencies need to embrace for consolidation, outsourcing, and streamlining. Our committee intends to point those agencies in the right direction to deliver a better and higher level of service to the taxpayers, while reducing the costs,” said Flowers.

Personnel from the Department of Information Technology and the Department of Finance and Administration are scheduled to testify at the Hearing. Lt. Governor Phil Bryant formed the select committee in 2009 and charged it with finding ways to make government run more efficiently, accountable, and transparent.

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