Senator Cochran addresses Senate on high gas prices

Senator Cochran spoke on the Senate floor about rising gas prices.

Here is a selection of his remarks…

“In Mississippi we are prepared to play a major role in the development of new energy. Our farmers have the knowledge and expertise to create renewable feed stocks such as corn, soybeans, timber, grasses, animal fats, and even wastewater. The University of Southern Mississippi, for example, is engaged in research to create more efficient and lower-cost fuel cell membranes. The University of Mississippi is using termite research in an innovative approach to cellulosic energy research. In addition to searching alternative fuels, that include wastewater, timber and other feed stocks, Mississippi State University students were winners of a 2008 Challenge X competition. This competition is a partnership between the Department of Energy and General Motors. It challenges university students to create vehicles that are more fuel efficient and produce lower emissions.

I’m really proud of my state’s commitment and contribution to creating a better energy future, and I hope we can continue to work hard to make the ideas and efforts of these students and university researchers, and our entire population in our state who are involved in this challenge, a reality.”

-Senator Thad Cochran

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