Senator Merle Flowers to speak at DeSoto TEA Party on July 4th

The national grassroots anti-tax organization, Taxed Enough Already (TEA), is having a rally in DeSoto County on Saturday, July 4th. Senator Merle Flowers (R-Olive Branch) will deliver the keynote address at noon .

“Americans are fed up with government at all levels for taxing us too much, spending too much, and placing huge public debt burdens on the backs of our children and grandchildren,” said Flowers.

“The TEA Party movement is made up of citizens from all walks of life who are concerned about our inefficient and bloated government. Government spending has spiraled out of control, and we are on the verge of seeing the largest tax increases in U.S. history. These government actions have harmed small businesses, drastically affected the housing market, hurt charitable giving, and led to higher energy prices. We want our voices to be heard, we are taxed enough already,” said Flowers.

“The TEA Party rally on July 4th is free of charge and open to the public. I hope everyone brings their children to the rally as we celebrate America ’s freedom,” said Flowers.

The event will be held on the courthouse lawn on the square in Hernando. A bluegrass band will perform at 10:30 a.m. The formal program will begin at noon . Speakers include Flowers, Fox News political analyst Angela McGlowan, as well as an open microphone for the public.

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