It’s pretty rare for a US Senator to get involved in a state legislative race. Usually, it only happens when something goes wrong.

As YallPolitics posted the warning on Friday, we had entered the “witching hour” where last minute campaign shenanigans get launched to confuse voters knowing that (a) there’s very little chance that the press will pick up on it and (b) there’s almost no time to fix the damage.

House Democratic candidate Dorsey Carson mailed a piece that started hitting boxes on Friday and Saturday with “grip and grin” pictures of himself with Senator Roger Wicker (R) in what the Wicker team construed as an obvious last-minute attempt to imply endorsement from Wicker.

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Wicker’s folks immediately put out this robocall setting the record straight that he supported Republican incumbent Rep. Bill Denny over Carson.

Hello, this is Senator Roger Wicker. I want to set the record straight about the election for House District 64.

The Democratic candidate sent out a misleading, last minute mailpiece to voters in Northeast Jackson and Ridgeland. It was an attempt to confuse you as to who I’m supporting in this race. Republican Bill Denny is the only conservative in this election and I’m supporting Bill.

Rep. Denny chimed in with a statement on his facebook page.

I am appreciative of Sen. Wicker setting the record straight on the misleading mail piece that my opponent sent out over the weekend. This mail piece tried to confuse voters into believing that my opponent is an actual conservative. I think the facts have proven otherwise throughout this campaign. I am proud to not only have the support of great conservatives like Roger Wicker and Haley Barbour, but also the endorsements of the MS Right to Life, the NRA, and every major business association. I will continue to be a conservative that you can trust to look out for the best interests of voters in HD 64. Bill Denny.

This begs the question, why would someone drop a piece implying what would have been a surprise endorsement just 3 days before election day? It’s because it was meant to confuse folks in a bubble race.

We are continuing to get reports of Democratic House candidates in conservative districts trying to peel off votes in this way. It’s certainly not illegal, but it almost always doesn’t work.

Get ready. Tomorrow is a BIG day.