Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker sent the following call out today encouraging voters to head to the polls and vote for Thad Cochran:

(script of call)

“Hello this is Roger Wicker calling. The election this Tuesday is very important to our future. That’s why I hope you will join me in supporting Senator Thad Cochran.

Thad’s re-election campaign is supported by every Republican member of our Congressional delegation along with every statewide conservative Republican official, including Governor Phil Bryant.

Right now, some out of state groups are spending millions trying to make us believe a bunch of distortions and untruths about Thad Cochran’s record. We know Thad better than they do, and we need to keep Thad Cochran working for Mississippi. Whether you usually vote republican, democrat or independent, every voter is eligible to vote in the June 3rd Republican primary.

This is the date where our next Senator will be chosen. Please vote for Thad Cochran, our proven Conservative Senator, in the June 3rd Republican primary. Thank you.