Cochran pushing for commission to study Army, National Guard

WASHINGTON — Faced with questions about the make-up of the U.S. Army in a budget-constrained, post-war era, U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) has signaled his support for a national commission to study the future of the Army and National Guard.

Cochran, vice chairman of the Senate Defense Appropriations Committee, is an original cosponsor of the National Commission on the Future of the Army Act. The bipartisan measure would establish an independent national commission to analyze President Obama’s budget recommendations to restructure the active-duty Army and its reserve component.

“Establishing a national commission to carefully scrutinize proposed changes to the United States Army is a prudent action. The Congress is faced with tough and far-reaching choices related to the structure of the Army. These changes will affect the capabilities of the Army, not just nationally but in Mississippi,” Cochran said.“Under this legislation, I believe we can achieve much of the desired savings from the budget request while maintaining our military capability and allowing for an unbiased and independent review of the overall size and force mix of the Army.”