Senter agrees to Alexis “Lecky” King’s testimony to be entered as evidence

Here is the transcript

The pre-trial testimony of a State Farm claims manager will stand as evidence and the woman won’t be called to the witness stand in a civil lawsuit filed by two former insurance adjustors-turned whistle-blowers.

U.S. District Judge L.T. Senter Jr. said he was “pleasantly greeted” Friday morning with a proposal that all parties had agreed to let the deposition of Alexis “Lecky” King be admitted as evidence.

“It will control the balance of this hearing,” Senter said.

After hearing one witness testify Friday, the judge said he will allow attorneys to present their closing arguments in the form of briefs. The defendants have 10 working days to submit their written arguments The plaintiffs will have the same amount of time to reply.

The parties agreed that not placing King on the witness stand will help the trial move faster. It also will minimize her “catch-22” situation of further testimony that could be used against her employer.

The trial started Wednesday.