Seven things from SEC meetings

Expansion was a hot topic among reporters, especially when reports began to develop late in the week about potential Pac-10/Big 12 movement. It was a topic in the meeting rooms, too, but I’m not sure it was as much as some would think. Despite reporters’ best efforts on three different occasions, Slive was coy on expansion talk. He did say a few things, though, worth noting. One of which is that nine of the 12 presidents must vote in favor of a school for it to be admitted. And when he told us Thursday afternoon that the league really doesn’t need to expand solely to get more television distribution, that was interesting. The league is already the most widely distributed league in the country. Slive was also adamant when asked Friday that the league allows each member school to keep its own local television rights and the revenues from them. Some leagues don’t. Slive’s words could be perceived as directed toward Texas.

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