Coast eyes are on Stacey Pickering

State Auditor Stacey Pickering may be the head of a high-profile investigation of the Department of Marine Resources on the Coast, but he said he knows his place when he’s back home in Laurel.

“I make the joke that every politician, every statewide official, should live in their hometown,” he said.

“Because in Laurel, they couldn’t care less who I am. The most important person in Laurel, in Jones County, is the head umpire at the baseball field.

“Living in your hometown, they knew me before. And that’s a good thing.”

On a recent visit to the Coast, he was willing talk about most anything: how his party could take control of the U.S. Senate, his seventh-generation roots in Mississippi, growing up on a farm in Hebron, the importance of faith, his role as husband and father — even his wife’s cancer and his father’s stroke. But not about the DMR.

Sun Herald