SH – Brown water plagues Ocean Springs … ?

OCEAN SPRINGS — Kim Palumbo said she wakes up every morning to brown “Amazon” water running from the faucet in her Gulf Park Estates home.

“It is brown, yellow and green water that I would not even give my cat to drink,” Palumbo told Public Service Commissioner Leonard Bentz at a town hall meeting Tuesday night.

Palumbo joined the packed crowd at the Fontainebleau Community Center to discuss the brown-water issues plaguing the Gulf Park Estates, Ocean Beach Estates and surrounding areas.

“What has happened to these residents is criminal,” Bentz said. “The problem with TESI is systemwide. Not just in Jackson County. This is a lack of your government doing their job and TESI not doing theirs. I am going to do something about these horrible water issues now.”

Sun Herald