Editorial Barbour tosses the Legislature a thorny bouquet

Gov. Haley Barbour tossed the Legislature a couple of bouquets during his penultimate State of the State address on Monday, but they were not without thorns, 4,000 of them in fact.
First, the bouquets.
There was some good economic news to share, at least in the private sector, and the governor shared credit with legislators.
There was some good political news, if you favor bipartisanship over bickering. Or, as Barbour put it: “We may not agree on everything, and don’t have to. We do have to be honest with each other and our constituents about the facts and the situations we face; and honest about the options we have.
“As I’ve said several times over the last month or so, I have felt like the leadership — bicameral and bipartisan — recognizes we have tough choices and are open to new ideas. I appreciate that, and our citizens need it. I’m committed to working with you.”

Sun Herald