Wicker: Don’t hurt the environment for economic gain

Wicker suggested that the group — which included the mayor and aldermen of Richton, aldermen from Beaumont, and Perry County supervisors — explore alternatives and “Make the vast majority of people in South Mississippi feel good about this project.”

But Richton Alderman L.D. Ready told the senator: “You’re never going to get a consensus. You can’t get everyone to agree.”

Instead of seeking consensus, Ready said Wicker should “override people who don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Those “people” are also Wicker’s constituents and, in our long-held opinion, do know what they’re talking about.

The Pascagoula River basin contains one of the great remaining natural waterways in the nation. And while there is no question that the nation needs an emergency supply of crude oil, that goal can be achieved without endangering the delicate watershed of the Singing River and its tributaries.

Balancing economic development and environmental preservation is often difficult, especially for an elected official. We commend Wicker for doing it about as well as it could be done.

Sun Herald Editorial