Scruggs Paying ‘Bagman’ $50M Going To Mystery Man

In his notes, Delaney said that Balducci described Blake “as the ‘bagman’ for DS during the national Tobacco case.” The notes refer to Balducci as a “Confidential Human Source (CHS).”

They also say: “The CHS met Blake when the CHS was employed at the Langston Law Firm and Joey Langston represented DS on some tobacco settlement cases regarding attorney’s fees. Blake is paid approximately $1 million per year out of attorney’s fees which are controlled by DS. Blake receives the money directly from DS, the CHS does not know why Blake receives money from the Tobacco Settlement fund.”

In legal disputes involving the attorneys’ fees, sworn testimony indicates that Scruggs paid Blake an initial $10 million through Langston. Court records show Scruggs is paying Blake the bulk of the $50 million in quarterly installments of $468,000 over 20 years.

Coincidentally, Langston pleaded guilty in January to one count of conspiracy, admitting he tried to bribe Hinds County Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter for Scruggs in one of two long-running disputes over tobacco litigation fees.

Sun Herald