State Farm pursues Scruggs, records in whistle-blower case

GULFPORT — State Farm has subpoenaed former attorney and current federal prisoner Dickie Scruggs, along with a host of documents he may possess, for pretrial testimony in a whistle-blower lawsuit filed against the insurer over Katrina-claims handling.
The lawsuit, filed by former claims adjusters Cori and Kerri Rigsby of Ocean Springs, is scheduled for trial Dec. 1. A flurry of motions are being filed as a July 1 deadline approaches for each side to finish requests for pretrial fact-gathering, called discovery.
State Farm’s subpoena of Scruggs requests information involving the same cast of characters tied to a North Mississippi judicial bribery scheme that netted Scruggs seven years in prison. State Farm seeks to take his pretrial testimony Tuesday at the Federal Correctional Institute in Ashland, Ky., where he is serving a seven-year sentence.

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