Shaken, stirred, whatever … it’s all a Molotov martini for Kiffin

Al Davis spent Wednesday calling Lane Kiffin a liar. Thursday, Jeremy Foley called him an idiot.
Aww, Laney old sock old shoe, you’re such a playful scamp.
Kiffin, whose nose for news has been remarkable since the Oakland Raiders job landed inadvertently (and badly) in his lap two years ago, is working hard to make himself as well-known and appreciated in his new job — and by picking a fight with the biggest dog in the kennel right away, he might find out how much his hunger exceeds his capacity.

As Comrade Dodd and others have pointed out, Kiffin announced to Tennessee supporters on Letter-of-Intent Day that his recruit Nu’keese Richardson had been illegally contacted by Florida’s Urban Meyer. As it turns out, the contact wasn’t illegal, and Kiffin either didn’t understand the rule or just used that misinterpretation to preach to the converted.