Shelby legend reflects on Celtic pride

When Larry Siegfried was elected to the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame earlier this year with luminaries such as Allan Hornyak and Bob Huggins, his wife Tina had to drag him to the induction ceremony in Columbus.
Siegfried also dug in his heels eight years ago, forcing her to shove the big lug out the door from their home in Perrysville when the News Journal feted its All-Century Team to help mark the new millennium.
“I appreciate (the honors),” Siegfried told me the other day, “but as I matured and looked back on my career, I wondered how that individual recognition fit into the team concept. It was the intangibles, the qualities that allowed me to be part of great teams, that I cherish more.”

For Siegfried, the Shelby legend and most acclaimed player north central Ohio has even seen, it was always about the hoops, not the hoopla.

That’s why he was power-spraying his daughter’s home in Columbus two weeks ago while some of his fellow ex-Celtics held an impromptu reunion in Boston. They became part of a downtown ticker-tape parade celebrating the end of a 22-year title drought for a storied franchise that rained championships when Siegfried frolicked among the shamrocks.