21 Sheriffs from across Mississippi endorsed Governor Haley Barbour for reelection – Barbour discusses his safer communities agenda

JACKSON (October 22, 2007) – A bi-partisan group of 21 Sheriffs from around the state endorsed Governor Haley Barbour for reelection today.

“I, along with the Sheriffs behind me, want to express great appreciation to our Governor for his support, his encouragement and his inspiration to us as law enforcement officers representing our counties. He has been a personal inspiration to me, and I appreciate so much his stance for what is right for Mississippi,” said Tippah County Sheriff Brandon Vance.

“Public safety was the reason that government came into existence. You can’t have a good education system, you can’t build highways, and you can’t create jobs and have economic development unless people and their property are protected,” Barbour said.

Ten sheriffs stood with Governor Barbour in a Capitol rotunda press conference. They were Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel, Lauderdale County Sheriff Billie Sollie, Lawrence County Sheriff Joel Thames, Leake County Sheriff Greg Waggoner, Leflore County Sheriff Ricky Banks, Madison County Sheriff Toby Trowbridge, Newton County Sheriff Jackie Knight, Pike County Sheriff Mark Sheppard, Stone County Sheriff Mike Farmer, and Tippah County Sheriff Brandon Vance.

Amite County Sheriff Tim Perkins, Attala County Sheriff William Lee, Benton County Sheriff Arnie McMullen, Bolivar County Sheriff Mack Grimmett, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd, Lowndes County Sheriff Butch Howard, Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson, Monroe County Sheriff Ruble Maxey, Rankin County Sheriff Ronnie Pennington, Tallahatchie County Sheriff William Brewer, and Webster County Sheriff Reuben McCluskey added their names to the endorsement, but were unable to attend.

Building on a four year record of strongly supporting law enforcement, Governor Barbour outlined his plan to make Mississippi’s communities safer in his “Agenda for Mississippi’s Future.”

Increase the size of the Bureau of Narcotics by 50% and graduate at least one new highway patrol training class each year to increase the number of highway patrol officers so state law enforcement will be able to better support local law enforcement.
Expand “drug courts” to all twenty-two circuit court districts.
Target the worst criminal offenders in our capital city with a multi-agency state task force working in cooperation with local law enforcement.
Establish an Adolescent Offender Program in each county of the state.
Continue to help the federal government enforce immigration laws by giving state and local law enforcement new tools; fighting identity theft; deploying volunteers from the Mississippi National Guard to help protect the border; and not allowing illegal immigrants to be eligible for Medicaid, welfare, unemployment benefits, food stamps or to receive a driver’s license in Mississippi. Illegal immigrants should be deported, not paroled.

Governor Haley Barbour Press Release