In a shocking development in the Dickie Scruggs bribery case, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, announced late last night in an exclusive interview with YallPolitics that Dickie Scruggs, Zach Scruggs, Tim Balducci, Steven Patterson and Sidney Backstrom were all “confidential informants” in a totally covert and unannounced sting operation being conducted by the Mississippi Attorney General’s office.

“We were so worried about how these other lawyers and judges were acting around the millions earned in Katrina shakedown lawsuits that our office helped so much with. I mean, sure . . . we attempted to criminally pursue State Farm executives so that they would get right on the civil side. I know it looks a little crazy as four of my largest campaign donors stood to directly benefit, but it was for the good of the people of Mississippi, and that’s all that matters.”

When asked if he had any documentation of this “sting operation”, Mr. Hood said that his office was “working on those documents as we speak”.