Should coaches be allowed to consult in pros?

Mike Huguenin’s answer:
We hear all the time about the thick NCAA rule book and how it’s filled with all sorts of byzantine rules. But there’s no rule against a college coach serving as a “consultant” for a pro team? I heard some jokes about the Knicks and why they would let a guy who helped run down the franchise do some consulting. But what if this were, say, John Calipari and the Nets? Or Tom Izzo and the Pistons? I think the outcry would’ve been far louder. It’s ridiculous that the NCAA — which worries about eyeblack that contains words, for gosh sakes — didn’t step in within an hour of the Knicks/Thomas announcement and say, “No way.” And is FIU so starved for attention that it would let its coach do this kind of thing? If you’re FIU, don’t you want your coach to be totally focused on actually putting a winning team on the floor for FIU?