The Clarion-Ledger Editorial, 5/7/8

Memo to Mississippi’s 65,009 corporate taxpayers – you might want to steer clear of having state Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz rule on a case that involves your business because he says corporations have “no interest in the rights of individuals.”

That outrageous, biased statement plus clear signals that Diaz’s opponent in the November state judicial election is running on a “pro-business” platform sets the stage for yet another political showdown between the state’s trial lawyers and the business/medical interests.

Southern District Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz Jr., who was acquitted of bribery charges in 2005 after a high-profile federal trial, announced last week that he’s seeking re-election to the high court from the state’s Southern District.

In making that announcement, Diaz said:

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other front groups will spend millions in Mississippi to influence this election on behalf of big insurance, big oil and other huge corporations who have no interest in the rights of individuals.”