Should the fans get what they want? – College Football

Warning: This blog is going to make most of you mad.

For months now I’ve been getting a lot of comments on this blog that essentially say this:

We, the fans, want a playoff in college football. We buy the tickets and we watch the games on TV. So doesn’t college football HAVE to give us what we want?
The answer, gentle readers, is an emphatic no. Why is it no? Simple. And this is the part that is going to make you mad.

The rank and file fan is a very important constituency for college football for the reasons listed above. But fans are not always THE most important constituency when it comes to this sport.
Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese gets high marks from those of us who cover the BCS because he says what’s on his mind, even when it is not popular. He recently gave this comment to my friend Ivan Maisel of