Showalter pondering a return to MSU?

Buck Showalter back to Mississippi State 31 years later as the new baseball coach?
I laughed when I first heard the rumor.
I am not laughing now.
Showalter, now a commentator for ESPN, was in town earlier this week to emcee the Ferriss Trophy presentation. Given a perfect chance to dash any rumors about a return to Starkville, Showalter evaded the issue entirely.

My take: If there was no interest on his part, the obvious answer would have been to just say so.

So I am left to believe there is at least some interest on the part of the 51-year-old Showalter, who now calls Dallas home.

And, yes, I am somewhat amazed. Showalter, who played only the 1977 season at State, has gone on to a professional career that has included three different managerial stints over 11 seasons. In between, and currently, he has been employed as a commentator for ESPN.

He has spent one season in senior college baseball, playing it, 31 years ago. Presumably, he makes more money now than he would if he came back to State and took on the task of recruiting and dividing 11.7 scholarships 25 different ways, and all that entails.