Simms’ advice this time is Favre should stay retired

In April 2006, broadcaster Phil Simms offered advice on a satellite radio show to Brett Favre, who was considering whether he should return to play for his 16th season in the National Football League.

Simms’ advice, which Favre happened to hear live, was this: “Play as long as you can. When you think it’s over, play another or two years . . . because life after football, it’s forever.”
Favre came back and played in his 16th and 17th seasons. On March 4, Favre formally announced his retirement.
We asked Simms, and two of his colleagues, during an interview what he thought about the talk of Favre unretiring and whether that would compromise Green Bay’s future with Aaron Rodgers, or anyone else, at quarterback.
Simms, Cris Collinsworth and James Brown chatted with reporters in a conference call on Monday, the day it was announced they will be the new “Inside the NFL” crew next season on Showtime.