Simply put, Schilling made a difference

I don’t have to make up my mind, officially, on whether Curt Schilling is a Hall of Famer until December 2012. But I already know how I’ll vote.
For a lot of people, I know, this man’s Hall of Fame worthiness is going to be a tough call. Not for me.
When I watched him pitch, I knew exactly what I was watching.

We’ll get to the numbers that prove that greatness in a minute. But first, let’s digress.
I sat in the dugout with Johnny Damon today and talked about Curt Schilling. I told Damon about a conversation I had with Schilling a few years back in which I asked him how he’d like to be remembered. Here’s how he answered:
“I want [my teammates] to say, when I’m done playing, ‘If I had to win a game — life or death, one game — that’s the guy I’d want to have the ball.’ And I want the guys in the other dugout to say, ‘Oh [no]. It’s Schilling’s turn to pitch.'”