Lies about Donations from State Farm in Disgraceful Attempt to Mislead Voters

Continuing a disgraceful pattern of attempts to smear Steve Simpson just days before the Election, Attorney General Jim Hood released a radio advertisement that blatantly lies about donations from State Farm to Steve Simpson’s Campaign. Hood’s advertisement states that State Farm donated $35,000 to Simpson’s Campaign – a claim that is completely false. Total donations from State Farm agents aggregate to less than $7,000.

“Jim Hood is continuing to prove that he will do or say anything to win this election, in this case telling a flat-out lie about me,” Simpson said. “Despite knowing that this advertisement was a complete and total lie, Jim Hood still put it on the radio. That’s not only gutter politics at its worst – it’s potentially breaking the very laws he was elected to enforce.”

Over the last month, Jim Hood has received at least $574,000 from the National Democratic Attorneys General Association. This money was not only raised from the same law-firms that have made millions thanks to Jim Hood – $10,000 came from Tim Gill, one of the most vocal and prominent gay and lesbian rights activists in America.

“If anyone should be criticized for tainted campaign donations, it’s Jim Hood,” Simpson said. “Jim Hood has taken hundreds of thousands in campaign donations from convicted felons, from law-firms in places like New York and California that are getting rich from Mississippi legal contracts and, most recently, a $10,000 check from Tim Gill, one of the most prominent gay activists in America who has spent million of dollars in states all over the country to push for legalized gay marriage. This is yet another clear example that Jim Hood does not represent mainstream Mississippi values.”

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