Simpson’s Statement On Obamacare Ruling

On Friday, a three judge panel on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the individual mandate portion of the new healthcare law is unconstitutional. In my view, this does at least two things: 1) It’s hard to imagine that the issue doesn’t eventually make its way to the Supreme Court at this point. 2) It keeps the issue alive, at least for now. Obviously it didn’t become popular after it was passed as Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats promised many of their now departed colleagues who walked the plank. It’s still not popular, and we can assume Jim Hood will avoid the issue at all costs. What we will wait and see is if it becomes an issue this fall. But anytime it’s in the news it’s generally a good thing for Republicans.

Here was Steve Simpson’s statement on the ruling:

“Today’s ruling confirms what Governor Barbour, Lieutenant Governor Bryant and I have been saying from the beginning of this debate – Obamacare is completely unconstitutional. Despite Jim Hood’s repeated attempts to block their efforts, Governor Barbour and Lt. Governor Bryant kept up the fight and are the main reasons that Mississippi’s voice was heard in today’s ruling.

While today marks a major victory, the fight against Obamacare is far from over. For the last year, Jim Hood has sat on the sidelines in this debate, doing everything in his power to protect Obamacare and that’s not right. If elected Attorney General, I will immediately join the fight against Obamacare to ensure that President Obama’s hands are kept off Mississippi’s healthcare.”

Majority in Mississippi