New: SRHS attorneys ‘deny’ pension plan term violations

Almond worked for Singing River Health System from 1991-2007. That, the hospital system doesn’t challenge.

But, when the retiree says in court papers both she and SRHS were required to make payments into an investment account to fund her eventual retirement, the hospital system responds in its own court papers by saying Singing River defendants “DENY the allegations made in that statement.”

When Almond claims in her filing Singing River Health System “eventually stopped altogether paying the matching payments, which were required to be paid under contract and by law,” hospital attorney respond by saying, “The Singing River Defendants DENY the allegations.”

In the court document that appeared in the case file Tuesday, hospital attorneys say, “All benefits due and owing to Plaintiff, if any, have been paid pursuant to the Plan.” Consequently, they argue this case should be dismissed.