I wanted to take a moment to share with you what we have created. This site has far FAR exceeded my expectations for both traffic and impact and proven conclusively that there is a strong demand for an ALTERNATIVE TO THE ALTERNATIVE online in the metro area.

May was tremendous.

May 2005
Server hits – 218,000
Page views – 65,000
Unique visitors – 1268
Comments – 32/day average

From a standing start in mid-March, I am very proud of those numbers. June is on pace to be even better.

That all begs the question of, What’s Next?.

The site will stay going as JacksonsNextMayor through the transition/inauguration of Jackson’s Next Mayor. At some point in mid-July, I hope to be rolling out a pretty ambitious next step that will expand the scope of the site to deal with substantive issues in city, county and state government.

Your suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to send them to me at [email protected] Thanks for continuing to support the site.