Six-year-old antitrust case filed by Miss. AG Hood finally ready to proceed

BRANDON, MISS. (Legal Newsline) – The well-traveled vitamin antitrust suit filed by Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is back on track and scheduled for a hearing on a series of procedural motions at the Rankin County Circuit Court on Friday.

The case was brought in 2006 by Hood “on behalf of the State of Mississippi in its sovereign capacity for injuries the State has sustained as purchasers and in the State’s capacity as panens patriae, for the adverse effect on Mississippi purchasers.”

It alleges that an “international cartel” of vitamin producers and distributors conducted “a massive and long-running international conspiracy among all defendants with the purpose and effect of fixing prices, allocating market share, and committing other unlawful practices designed to inflate the prices” of various vitamins and food supplements.

“The conspiracy existed at least

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