Slabbed: It’s all just a game to State Farm – Response in Rigsby Qui Tam tips hand!

In an absolutely amazing act of hubris, State Farm has filed a game plan in the guise of a Response to the this Court’s Order and the Rigsbys’ Submissions re: Rule 56(f) discovery.

Hopefully, Judge Senter will tell the Farm boys the game is over and the party is about to start – or, as Sop might be inclined to say, they can put the BFR&G fee agreement (Exhibit 5) where the sun doesn’t shine.

Along with the so-called Response are nine exhibits: three sets of photographs of the McIntosh home (Exhibits 1, 2, and 3); copies of the checks issued the McIntoshes for flood damage (Exhibit 4); the go-ahead-Farm-boys-and-show-your-ass Exhibit 5; aging depositions of Wyatt, Ford, Ford, and Kelly (Exhibits 6 – 9) – and, then, there’s the game plan – the Memorandum. (exhibits are posted in Rigsby qui tam legal on left sidebar)

Slabbed 4/3/9