Slabbed Gets a Mention in a Moultrie Motion to Strike (Updated)

Speaking of Robin Williams he was the subject of a “what greybar hotel are they in now” story about former Augusta area pols at the Augusta Chronical. Former TFG employee Williams is one of the government’s witnesses against Robert Moultrie:

The former lawmaker is scheduled to be released July 20, 2014.

Mr. Williams spent a decade in the state House of Representatives. He positioned himself into leadership roles by building consensus with Democrats. He outran several questionable incidents, but in 2000, a political newcomer, Sue Burmeister, beat him. Mr. Williams ran for Augusta mayor two years later but didn’t make it past the primary.

He was convicted in 2005 of schemes that bilked more than $2 million from the former Community Mental Health Center of East Central Georgia.

His associates in the schemes who were also convicted: C. Michael Brockman was sentenced to serve six years but died in February 2006; pharmacist Duncan Fordham is scheduled to be released from the Federal Prison at Maxwell Air Force Base on March 1, 2009; lobbyist and former Atlanta Braves pitcher Rick Camp was released from prison March 28; and lobbyist M. Chad Long was released Jan. 11.

Mr. Williams is also listed as being between prisons. He started his prison sentence in Estill.

Nowdy tells me she is headed home and will make a PACER sweep to see if anything else has been filed today. We’ll update this post for anything new.

Update: Magistrate Alexander has ruled on Carothers Motion to Quash Rule 17 subpoena (denied in part, mooooooot in part) and Greenlee’s office has filed a swift response to the defense motion to strike: