Now This Baby is the Entire Slab of Beef

Today Greenlee’s office filed this whopper of a legal pleading with the court, 322 pages-11 MB’s worth of lip smacking palate pleasing Mississippi beef. Greenlee doesn’t start off the feed with a stinking frue-frilly appetizer either. Check out this sizzle on page 1 in the footnotes:

(1) Employees of The Facility Group have admitted The Facility Group overbilled the number of hours the employees worked; (2) False time sheets were discovered, which evidenced The Facility Group cooked the books to back up the false hours; (3) The Facility Group, through Charles K. Morehead, inflated hours to recover money spent by Moultrie, Cawood and The Facility Group on campaign contributions to a public official, and then fraudulently submitted invoices containing the false hours to the State of Mississippi, the Bank and Mississippi Beef Processors, LLC; (4) Defendant, President of The Facility Group, Nixon E. Cawood directed an employee to “get it all”, relating to accounting monies, and Vice-President of the Project Quality Management Group, Charles K. Morehead, assisted the employee in preparing a schedule containing false accounting hours;