SLABBED Shake it up baby, come on, come on, come on and work it ALL out – not just Hood and State…

The public’s First Amendment right to access relevant court materials does not begin and end with State Farm v Hood. In fact, in the context of Katrina litigation, the case pales by comparison to the relevant court materials that have been sealed since the 29th of August, 2005, when Katrina blew apart homes and families, neighborhoods and communities. Only a small portion of the damage was actually washed away in the surge.

Jackson New Media has the opportunity to unseal us from the destruction, rebuild the integrity of litigation in this State and begin the renewal of our collective faith in the blind justice that makes all equal under law.

Asking to unseal a single document will cause some to question the motives of this worthy effort – one that comes on the heels of the compelling amended complaint in O’Keefe v State Farm and only a few days after the Southern District Federal Court ordered the deposition of Lecky King just weeks before a do-or-die hearing in the Rigsby qui tam case.