Sid Salter is pushing a poll from Zata3 and Brad Chism on snap polling done on potential replacements for Lott.

Nothing earth shattering in the poll. It is precisely what I expect from its authoris. It did not factor likely voters. It was not a representative sampling. And miraculously, it did not ponder the top potential candidate for the job . . . Chip Pickering.

Zata3 is a Democrat advocacy group that proudly boasts . . . “We help elect Democrats and advance the progressive agenda by integrating telephone voter contact programs with a campaign’s canvassing, mail, and online advocacy.” They did substantial work for Harvey Johnson and other Democratic luminaries in the recent past. And, yes, we’ve had some fun at their expense.

Bottom line . . . anything that comes out of a snap poll like this should be taken with a MINE of salt.