SmartSynch wins stimulus grant to help Miss. energy costs

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour announced on August 20 that SmartSynch has been awarded a stimulus grant worth $3.75 million. The Mississippi-based smart grid innovator will use the money to help public facilities in the state better manage their energy consumption.

“The project marks the first time Mississippi has launched a coordinated effort to reduce energy consumption in public buildings and save money for the Mississippi taxpayer,” said the governor. “I am proud that SmartSynch, an industry leader located in Jackson, Mississippi, is going to be working with state officials to install these meters and make our public buildings more energy efficient. This was an open and competitive selection process, and SmartSynch was an ideal fit for this project.”

The company uses smart meters, other devices, and supporting software to monitor and communicate energy consumption data. Armed with this data, energy consumers can identify areas where electricity is being wasted and alter habits in order to increase efficiency.

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