Release from Rep. Jeff Smith

The Jackson Clarion-Ledger has on the paper’s website today a “Weekly Poll Question” that asks the reader if he were able to vote for the Speaker of the House position would he vote to re-elect Rep. Billy McCoy. The question does not mention that Rep. Jeff Smith (D, Columbus) is challenging Rep. McCoy for this post and that Rep. Smith is the only known opponent for Rep. McCoy. This type of “polling” is very unscientific and reflects only the opinion of persons who happen to read the Clarion-Ledger website and who are interested enough to send in a vote. This morning the vote showed McCoy with about 46% support and “anybody other than McCoy” with 54%. Sometime this afternoon Victory PAC (Rep. McCoy’s Political Action Committee dedicated to his re-election to the Speaker post) officials sent out an e-mail to their supporters to go to the Clarion Ledger website and vote for McCoy. The e-mail pointed out that there was no requirement that the e-mail recipient only vote once. Soon after this the vote changed to give McCoy a 53% lead.

We do not know why the Clarion Ledger chose to name only one candidate of the two candidates running for the Speaker of the House post. We do not know why the Clarion Ledger phrased the question in such a way that emphasized Rep. McCoy’s name and incumbent status. We do not know just what agenda the Clarion-Ledger is pursuing in this race and what role this “poll” is expected to play. We do know that the results of this unscientific “poll” are of no real significance.

Smith for Speaker