LBC Defections

The Jeff Smith Campaign has received questions concerning the press conference put on by the Black Caucus yesterday. Some news reports about the conference seemed to imply that the Black Caucus was unanimous in the decision to support the re-election of Speaker McCoy. This is simply not accurate. We noted that sixteen members of the Black Caucus were not present for the press conference. We have been informed by some of those sixteen that they feel it is very important that the House of Representatives have new leadership and direction. They have also told us that they feel that Rep. Jeff Smith is the person best qualified to provide that leadership as Speaker of the House and have pledged to vote for him in the election for Speaker.

We have stated previously that the leadership team for Rep. Jeff Smith will be representative of the House with black and white members, males and females, and Democrats and Republicans. We are proud of the diversity of our supporters and the multiple talents they will bring to House leadership.

Rep. Smith said today, “I would like to wish all my friends, supporters, members of the House of Representatives, Speaker McCoy, and all who have been interested in this campaign a very Merry Christmas! May we all reflect on the meaning of this holiday season and thank God for the wonderful gift he gave us all, the birth of his Son, Jesus Christ.”

Smith for Speaker