The contest for the Speaker of the House of Representatives continues between Rep. Billy McCoy and Rep. Jeff Smith. Rep. McCoy’s list of “confirmed supporters” was examined closely by our campaign and five names were identified as being known to us as supporters of the Smith campaign or as being uncommitted. This was confirmed by both personal contact between the Representative and Rep. Smith and published press reports.

“Rep. McCoy’s claim that he has a confirmed majority is simply not true. I do not know how his supporters came up with the names on his list but in talking to members who have their names on the list I have talked to more than five who have told me that their names should not have appeared and they certainly have not given permission for their names to have appeared. Those members generally do not want their names released at this time since they are aware that this false list is a tool being used to intimidate members to actually commit to Rep. McCoy and they are either uncommitted or are committed us and await the publication of our list. When we publish our list it will be a true and verifiable list of supporters,” said Smith.