A Political “Education”

Delegates and alternates should pay our own way. Both parties have better uses for their funds, and it’s not as if anyone in either party would expect THE TAXPAYER to foot the bill for their purely political fun and games. Or, would they?

Think again. Shockingly (and it IS shocking) Mississippi taxpayers (that’s YOU) will pay $5,000 to send a key Billy McCoy lieutenant to the Democratic Convention. Top House leaders last week decreed this extraordinary expenditure of public dollars, imperiously skirting protocol by ignoring the House Management Committee. Incredibly, the “Purpose/Benefit” written on the very face of the approved DFA voucher used to request and justify spending your tax dollars to subsidize this partisan Democrat adventure is, and I quote: “EDUCATIONAL.”

EDUCATION! Well, that certainly explains everything, doesn’t it? The McCoy House embraces “Education” as a holy mantra, so perhaps it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Democrat leadership uses “Education” to justify spending YOUR tax dollars to defray the personal and political expenses of one of their own. Or maybe they think taxpayers are just too dumb to notice or to care?

I’ve been in office nine years now, and sometimes I think I’ve seen all there is to see. And, then, something like this pops up, and I’m blown away all over again by the stunning arrogance of it all. EDUCATION! Is nothing sacred? Even in politics? Even in the Mississippi House of Representatives?

I’m steamed. Mississippi taxpayers should be too.

Greg Snowden Blog
Clarion Ledger