Snowden on Flag battles

The AP reported last week that Mississippi’s NAACP president would ask the Southeastern Conference not to host championship events in Mississippi because the state retains its 1894 flag. Derrick Johnson actually said quite a bit more: “We would like for all sport entities to continue not to support any state that would brandish the Confederate emblem, which is an offensive emblem for African Americans.”

DeSoto County and Tupelo recently hosted Dizzy Dean World Series events, attracting many out-of-state teams (and their parents), all spending dollars which pump life into our state’s suffering revenue coffers. Too bad they won’t be returning to Mississippi in future years.

At Itta Bena, in the heart of the struggling Delta, MVSU proudly hosted the Southwestern Athletic Conference soccer tournament last November. No more. JSU and Alcorn also can forget bidding on future events. Surely the SWAC, of all organizations, will honor the request of the NAACP to steer clear of Mississippi?

Snowden Blog
Aug. 17