Voter I.D. Debacle

The ostensible reason for killing the bill is that it contained provisions for early voting as well as for photo Voter I.D. But the early voting provisions were crafted by House Republicans (and revised by Sen. Burton) with the active input of both the Secretary of State and the Governor. Had aversion to early voting been the real reason for Senate opposition, the language easily could have been stripped before passing the bill out of committee. The failure of the four senators to even attempt to do that implies there is something else at play. Clearly, these senators didn’t want the bill improved; they wanted it dead.

Some folks at the Capitol apparently have become enamoured of the initiative and referendum process whereby Voter I.D. supposedly will be placed on the general election ballot in 2010 or 2011. The four senators better hope and pray that this (initiative) succeeds, because that is now the only game in town. Frankly, at least four political careers are now tied inextricably to the success or failure of the initiative. If there is any glitch in the (very complicated) process of getting a Voter I.D. initiative passed, these four guys stand to be remembered as the Republicans who killed Voter I.D. How do you think that will play in a GOP primary?

Rep. Greg Snowden
Clarion Ledger