Scruggs and Co: A recent giving history

“Super” trial lawyer Dickie Scruggs apparently loves to give to political causes. So does “not quite as super, but still really generous” trial lawyer Joey Langston. In recent reports just made public it’s been revealed that Mr. Scruggs’s law firm, The Scruggs Law Firm, gave a grand total of $300,000 to the Democratic Attorneys General Association to close out 2007, or DAGA for the insiders (we’ve written about DAGA here and here if you want to get up to speed, but in short DAGA is a Democrat political committee that recruits and elects Democrat candidate for attorney general – some like this guy). Mr Langston, a fine friend of Mr. Scruggs we’re sure, gave $100,000 of his hard earned lawyer dollars to DAGA as well.

That’s a sweet $400,000 a group like DAGA. It’s too bad that great big amount of benjamins (dollars people, dollars!) from these two country lawyers is now tainted.

It wouldn’t be such a bad thing for a political committee, except that DAGA has some very high profile individuals who may want to know just why DAGA is holding on to at least $400,000 from these gentlemen – one who is under indictment for federal bribery charges and another who admitted to trying to influence a state judge. Individuals who happen to be the chief law enforcement officers of their state. They’ve got names like Andrew Cuomo, Jerry Brown, Buddy Caldwell, William Sorrell, and Tom Miller – just to name a few.

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