Snyder has plenty of work to do at K-State-How many 2nd acts succeed?

Check out Bill Snyder, working his 69-year-old fingers over a keypad, taking a trip into cyberspace.
“Yes, I text,” Snyder says. “And I e-mail, too, more than I did before. I think some of the younger generation depends too much on communicating like that. I still prefer face to face. But I am more up to speed with technology now.”
Don’t expect Snyder to launch a Facebook page anytime soon. But he is rested and ready – and tech-savvy – after a three-year “retirement” that was more like a sabbatical. The roar to win still burns in his inner core as he begins his second stint as Kansas State coach.

“We need every hour in every day to get better,” Snyder says. “We have a lot of development we need to do. That’s why we have pushed back the start of spring practice to the second week of April.”