Statement from former state senator Melanie Sojourner on her challenge’s failure in the Mississippi State Senate via Facebook:

I am humbled by the support so many have shown me. The ruling of the Senate, tonight to seat Dearing is what we always knew it would be.

Going through with this challenge was always about doing what was right. About exposing the facts on our broken election system. But, also about showing the people of Mississippi what lengths some will go to in order to protect their best interest in the pecking order of power over always standing on the side of the law and the people no matter the cost.

I never ran for office for me, it was always about fighting for the things I vowed to you four years ago. Two years ago the Lt Gov’s staff told me that not standing down on some issues would cost me my seat. I told them then and I’ll tell you now… I will never compromise who I am. Never.

I am completely at peace with knowing I forever stayed true to who I am and where I’m from. My grandfather always said that was what mattered most and I know that is what I did.

Those who I would not yield my convictions to have gone to great lengths to misrepresent my time in service to you. I pray in time you come to learn the truth.

I’ve made countless friends over the past four years. I love you each like family. To my friends in the Senate… Chris McDaniel, Michael Watson and Angela Hill the vote you cast tonight, in the name of the truth, took political courage. You are a rare breed. I am proud of you and am honored to have fought alongside you. Our work on behalf of this state is just beginning.