GOP could control House without majority, says senior Republican

Rep. Walter Minnick (D-Idaho), a first-term lawmaker in a conservative district, may not vote for her again. His campaign told The Hill in May that the congressman would not commit to voting for Pelosi if Democrats maintain control of the chamber. And Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla.), who also represents a conservative district, has said his support for Pelosi as speaker would hinge on how Democrats fare during the election.

Both Minnick and Boren are top GOP targets this cycle and Republicans are using their previous support of Pelosi against them.

Even if Republicans can’t manage enough defectors to cobble together support for Boehner as speaker, they might be able to effectively control the floor of the House if they win enough seats in the elections, McCarthy said.

“What if we win 34? Our ideas will be so strong, you look at the bipartisan vote on every bill that majority’s produced — we would then have a majority on the floor. Much as Ronald Reagan, when he was in the presidency and Democrats had the majority, he ran the floor of the House,” he said. “Our ideas are stronger than their mismanagement. So we would be able to have our ideas move through.”

The Hill